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This is an experiential workshops, for those who already work well with their spirit guides and are able to journey in the spirit realms of the upper and lower worlds of non-ordinary reality.

We welcome your early registration no later than one month prior to the date of the workshop.


Will be scheduled in 2018


[Open for Registration]

To register please call 622- 5131 or email eagleshaman@sbcglobal.net. (Tuition fee $ 200  with early registration . Normal fee is $250)


Workshop Times:

Saturday: 9.00 am to 12.30 pm / 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Saturday night Healing Ceremony:

8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Sunday: 9:00 am to 12.30 pm / 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Participants will be introduced to the method of extraction within the context of shamanic healing, including the way we see, perceive and remove localized and deep intrusions.The workshop will Focus on the nature of the different types of spiritual intrusions including spirit intrusions and attachments.
This workshop is intended for individuals who want to heal others.

The topics covered during this workshop will be:
• A thorough elaboration on the nature of Shamanic Healing and the role of the shaman.
• Demonstration and practice of various extraction methods used by shamans for thousands of years.
• Journeying to our “allies” to seek their help during extraction
• Using the “diagnostic Journey” to receive information about intrusions present in a person.
• Using the technique of the “trembling hand” to detect spiritual intrusions

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