Life, death and the Destiny of the soul

/Life, death and the Destiny of the soul
Life, death and the Destiny of the soul 2017-11-23T16:59:15+00:00

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This is an empirical seminar, for those who already work well with their spirit guides and are able to journey in the spirit realms of the upper and lower worlds of non-ordinary reality.

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Buy Xanax Next Day Delivery Uk We request enrollment no later than one month before the date of the course.

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Buy 1000 Xanax Bars Friday : h. 18-19:00 – Enrollment h. 21:00 – Start of course

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[/box] Understanding the nature of death, free from fear and doubt (our greatest enemies), can powerfully transform the way we see the world and how we live our lives. Each participant of this advanced workshop will learn how to enrich their own lives without fear of the passage that is mistakenly called “death.”

They will understand and, above all, perceive, that in addition to the body, at death, nothing else dies.

They will discover what is the destiny of souls from a shamanic perspective, with the protection of their Power animals and Spirits Guides and will be introduced to the techniques known as “Psycho-pomp” and “De-possession”.

Buy Diazepam Bangkok The course is suitable both for those who want to enrich their own lives and for those who wish to help others.

The course is incisive, profound and beautiful since it is conducted with skill, compassion and experience. It may even be an antidote for anxiety and despair, that has always characterized how the human race views death.

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