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cheap Clomiphene uk/Training for shamanic practitioners – Italy
Training for shamanic practitioners – Italy cheap Clomiphene and nolvadex 2015-09-03T03:20:29+00:00

Praticanti Sciamanici

[box type=”info”]

Having attended the basic course.

The ability to journey to Power animals and Spirit guides


the just concluded workshop was a huge success. a new one will be scheduled for 2016

Lurisia (CN) – Piedmont – Hotel Royal –

[Open for Entries]


With Peter Solomone and Rachel Giancaspro



Tuesday: h. 18: 00-19: 00 – Registration

h. 21:00 – Start of course

Sunday: 17:00 h – End of course

This course, offered in Italy for the first time by the Association, is indicated for people interested in pursuing the primary purpose of shamanism : to alleviate the suffering of humanity by working individually with people.

The course takes place in five days -from hours Tuesday to Sunday 21 hours 17- and covers the following topics:

– Spiritual cleansing
– Diagnostic Journeys
– Tutorials on: extraction, soul retrieval,Power animal and Spirit guide retrieval, depossession, divination, integrative phase, teaching the shamanic journey to clients.
– Professional ethics
-Types of Compensation for healing work.

Participants will receive at the end of the course a training certificate of by the Accademy for Shamanic Studies” Shamanic Vision”.

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