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A prayer for the world

May the rain come and wash the old grudges, the bitter hatreds held and nurtured over generations. May the rain come and wash the memory of the pain, of negligence. And then the sun will appear and fill the sky with rainbows. May the warmth of the sun heal us wherever there is a rift. [...]

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The legend of the Drum

THE STORY OF THE DRUM An Abenaki Legend It is said that when Creator was giving a place for all the spirits to dwell who would be taking part in the inhabitance of Mother Earth, there came a sound, a loud BOOM, from off in the distance. As Creator listened, the sound kept coming closer [...]

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The things that a Shaman sees:

  Everything that is is alive. On the steep river bank there's a voice that speaks. I've seen the master of that voice, he bowed to me, I spoke with him, he answers all my questions. Everything that is is alive. little gray bird, little blue breast, sings in a hollow bough, she calls her [...]

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Promotion of James Tate

I have been a dog in my previous life, a very good dog, and so I was promoted to a human being. I liked being dog. I worked with a poor farmer, radunavo and guarding his sheep. Wolves and coyotes tried to enter the compound almost every night, but 'I've never lost a sheep. The [...]

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