The challenge for the Western Shaman is…

  The challenge for the western Shaman is to became authentic without copying. When Spirit comes to me it does not matter if I am wearing Armani jeans and a t-shirt....I feel the power running through me. I see the results of that power. I do not need to wear a Mongolian or a Siberian [...]

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Shadows and Trumpism

Shadows Western Shamans who work with shadows, know how to transmute them into Allies . A shadow is that part of our personality which we don't like.The part that we negate, that we refuse to believe it even exists. Donald Trump personifies America's collective shadow . It may be useful to reveal some of the [...]

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Sacred Allies

Power animals and Spirit Guides are sacred allies who have chosen to work with us by providing extraordinary spiritual healing energy. That healing power comes through us and must be used to heal others and ourselves. A sure way to lose this alliance is using it to harm others or talking about the Allies publicly [...]

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