Thankful to the Spirits for their help and guidance.


Tamara West
I trained with Peter in the three year program for Shamanic Studies presented by The Foundation For Shamanic Studies. He and I participated in numerous high caliber ceremonies and initiations. He has gone on from there to help educate and lead others in this remarkable process. Peter takes his Shamanic work very seriously and expresses himself with the highest of integrity, in a natural, yet powerful way. I would never hesitate in reaching out to him for healing assistance should the need arise. I consider him “One with Spirit”.

Tamara bearheart West
shamanic practitioner

Bob Benson
“Having worked with Peter for many years in a highly competitive business., I knew him to be a thoughtful and creative executive who added value to whatever task he undertook. His second career in a shamanic healing role is one he is ideally suited for. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to all.”

Debbie Priest
I am grateful to have had the good fortune to learn from Peter. He brings integrity, respect and humbleness as a Shamanic practitioner committed to lessening pain and suffering for all beings.”

Deborah Prock
Peter is wonderful will guide you through Journeying into your deeper self reach out to your power animals it is a wonderful and enriching experience everyone should have.”

Joyce Kilburg
Powerful spirit guides create powerful medicine. Recommending Peter and his healing through Shamanic practice”


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