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This is an experiential seminar, for those who already work well with their spirit guides and are able to journey in the spirit realm of the upper and lower worlds in non-ordinary reality.



Will be scheduled in 2018

With Peter Salomone

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The beginning of the course is at 6 pm on Saturday, it lasts for 13 days, ending at 5 pm on Friday


This intensive two-week course is carefully structured to allow for further and more in-depth knowledge of shamanism and shamanic healing. The program includes the practice of advanced methods in extraction, the practice of soul retrieval, the work of psycho pomp, divination and the work with spirits of nature

The material, based on decades of practice is masterfully presented, transcending the experiences gained during week-end workshops. This daily shamanic immersion provides a gradual and continuous connection with Power Animals and Spirit Guides in order to solidify and facilitate the ability to navigate the dimensions of non-ordinary reality and to establish a deep connection with Spirit.

During the two weeks we will meet our “guides” daily; We will engage in shamanic journeys and receive powerful initiations that move our assemblage point and intensify our perception of non-ordinary reality.

The participants will experience the following Initiations:

  • The Lakota derived ceremony known as the “Bound shaman” or the “Shaking tent.
  • The Power dance.
  • The Healing Drum.
  • The Dream dance .
  • We will receive hidden knowledge through direct communication with the spirits of the rocks



The pace of the course has been particularly designed to facilitate the harmonization of all that is experienced allowing participants the necessary time to integrate the various initiations since it takes place is a very comfortable Wellness Center located in the foothills of the Alps in the middle of nature with facilities to help restore balance between Body and Spirit.



This two week workshop will demonstrate how to “stay connected” with our spiritual Allies and will be the catalyst to awaken our own spiritual power
This workshop will change your life

The workshop will be held for the second time in Italy by Peter Solomone and Rachel Giancaspro and will take place on 13-26 of October 2015 .

This feedback of individuals who have already attended this course will help you understand the results of this intense experience

R. S.: There are so many things to say that it is impossible to express them all. From my heart” I THANK YOU!”
You were beautiful, perfect and loving at all times during this course.

A. V.: It is said there is a time for everything in life.For me, this was a time for courage,a time in which you cannot flee in the face of questions that life poses, one in which one stops and listens to the answers even when they are not what one expects. I am grateful to have been at this workshop, at this time in my life..

M. P.: These were intense days, where the mind slowly gives way to the heart and to a deep perception of emotions in and around me. This allowed me to understand that during this course,I received the greatest gift:I found myself,in every sense in which these words can be used. I am grateful that my curiosity allowed me to knock softly on the door of this magnificent journey that has opened a world that I never would have been able to see. My heartfelt Thanks to Peter and Rachel for their humility and for sharing their beautiful souls and knowledge

D. M.: Before attending this course I believed that humility was a hard to find virtue and that once found it was hard to hold; but now I know that is not so, that humility is in each of us and we can bring it to the light of day with the help of the compassionate spirits, that we have the choice of taking the path of humility and compassion and that we, together with “Our Allies” can alleviate the sufferings of mankind. Now I know that the courage to engage in shamanic work is not given to those who are just brave, but to those who are not afraid to show their vulnerable humanity.

A. B.: Questions, the never ending questions and the doubts are part of our human nature, and it is what sets us apart, but it’s also what makes us evolve,what makes us take steps toward new unexplored frontiers. While seeking the way of the spirit, we are never alone, someone accompanies us, someone constantly follows the little or the big evolutionary leaps we take; this someone acts with patience, with tenderness and has accompanied me since I was a very young child .I tried to find out who he was. I explored many roads, I had doubts, I have asked so many questions, I sought so many answers. Now this someone has came to me. We met! I can talk to him

M. G. C.: On a practical level this is an amazing course. You have been able to integrate your compassion and your knowledge, your personal and professional experiences to Move us forward, to help us grow. My Heartfelt thanks to you Peter and Rachel and all the people in the group, one by one, thanks.

S. R.: I consider this one of the strongest experience of my life. For me it started a process. The course was planned in such a way that started our own individual growth while coexisting with the group. This continuous harmony was orchestrated like a mosaic and / or a symphony. Namastè.

R. Z.:I am satisfied with this intensive course. It has been much more than I could have hoped for. Thank You.

G. S.: I feel a great sense of gratitude and a deep spiritual connection with everything around me that I had never felt before. An empathy that made my soul vibrate with other souls in this course in an intimate and sublime song. I experienced a great lesson in humility and connection with the divine.

A. S.: It was a path that made me recognize, and accept,a very authentic way of life. Thanks you Peter and Rachel, for taking me with loving Guidance and great competence, on this Path.f

L.P. : This course was made with the heart, everything that comes through is from the heart! You wrote a beautiful story…

It’s difficult at this time to find the words to describe the magic and miracles of these 13 days, maybe because I’ve learned to quiet the mind. At Long Last! I feel immensely grateful for this experience and I know that this is the right way, the safest and surprising way to keep alive and to forge a strong contact with all that is. Thank You! It was great to have lived these days with you, Peter and Rachel. Thank you, thank you so much..



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