R.S.D.: Completely satisfied. Over time, and especially with the economic possibility, I will take all the workshops.
I felt very good and I did not want to leave.. Thank you very much.

G.F: I Absolutely’liked this course.Although I was one of the few that was not’able to “journey”, I loved this workshop and I was totally
recharged. Thank You!!!

M.R.: Beautiful. I loved it.

M.S.: I am satisfied, it met my expectations. Now, for me the training really starts, more journeys.

V.M.: This is the second time that i repeated this workshop and this time I felt a lot. Everything was perfect for me.

M.S.P.: Very nice. Although I think I will know ‘more’ in the next few days when I integrate my experiences
I think it would be nice to meet again with the whole group after some time to see where we are in our path.

R.G.: Initially i did not like it. I fought the teachings,I did not want to let go but then something changed and I started to like this

S.M. : It was beautiful to witness the formation of the group. I was very excited listening to
people’s reactions to their journeys and I rediscovered the inestimable value of connection. Thank You.

A.V. : It’s not easy for me to go beyond rationality and judgment but I was determined to
find a way to communicate with the spirits, especially with power animals. I would like to thank you for
seriousness ‘and the sacredness’ that you have instilled in this course.

D.S.: very satisfied. Thank You.

A.P.: there are no words to describe what i felt and what i saw.

L. C. Thank you both,I really enjoyed it.

F. Q.: The course helped me open up to a new way of living.

D.S.: very satisfied. Thank You.

A.P.: there are no words.

F. Q.: The course helped me open up to a new way of living.

T.P.: “I am grateful to both of you for your authenticity and integrity in the teaching this workshop. I discovered that I can really feel “other beings”. Amazing! ”

S.M.: “It ‘was incredibly simple and intuitive, with the right amount of fun and I think that these are the features that have made this course so effective. Thank You! ”

F.P.: “I have experienced more confidence in my abilities and I had beautiful insights during the journeys.”

J.S. : “Frequent attacks of love and gratitude. Experiences of spiritual healing and recovery of the joy of living. Thank You! with love. ”

S.L. : “I would like to thank you for this experience, for your humility and above all for the” great respect “that you instilled in us. Respect for the individual, mother earth and the spirit world. ”

P.B.: “I’ve met people with a big heart. Loving. I thought that strength can be drawn from the real intention of doing good to others, not vainly amplifying our own problems. Therefore, I thank you! ”

L.G.: “Great value and a sense of gratitude for the teachings received. Thanks from the heart. ”

P.G.: “It ‘was somewhat surprising … I apologize, but at this time I do have words, I prefer to remain silent and maybe later write what I feel. I thank Peter and Rachel for their kindness, care and support.I Thank the spirit guides and the power animals. I thank those who participated. ”

A.L.: “I met a greatness that here (in this world) I had never known before. This is enough for the whole workshop! ”

M.C.S.” “Upon departure from the workshop, my suitcase,in addition to material objects, contains emotions and vibrations that allow me to feel more fluid in the mind but,above all, in the heart. I heard my heart pounding and opening to this new experience.”

A.S. :. “It is a very different workshop that goes beyond all expectations …”

“This trail was enlightening for me, the strangest thing is that I do not feel feelings of euphoria or unbridled enthusiasm but the feeling rewarding and reassuring to have found the surest road to go home. Thanks Peter, you’re really a great being, you have humanity and simplicity of a friend and the strength and the knowledge of a great shaman. ”

Giovanna B.

“The thing that I was happy to check out is the consistency and homogeneity of the work that (personally) I’m doing: things that began in August, and I have carried out in recent months, have had a result these days. The famous “coincidences” have been amazing … I should add that I finally understood what is meant by “moving the assemblage point”; because last night I really feel like the core of my being (even of my body) has moved from head to heart (finally !!!). Thank you very much !!! ”
Silvia M.

“I think I have taken away the doubts from my mind!”

Silvana R.

“It gave me a great serenity.”

John M.

“I feel good. Thank You !!! ”

Maurizio L.

“It ‘was fun and playful as ever, but much more challenging and full of work to do.”

Diego B.

“I thank all the participants especially Peter and Rachel for the love they can give and receive.”

Patrick B.

“I found practicing the many techniques of divination Very useful. IT Makes this workshop uniquely different, more active and allowed me to choose the one that suited me most. ”

Alice L.

RB: This workshop was made for me and I ‘loved it. I learned a lot. I wanted to learn and see everything with eyes my and my minds but this workshop forced me to see with my whole being, with all I heard inside.

ML: I have had further confirmation of the connection that exists between me and all that exists. A hug.

BG: I feel a deep sense of gratitude and freedom ‘. I also feel the curiosity to deepen the work.Thank you for everything you give.

DC: It was all wonderfully beautiful and intense. Thanks, now I need to practice and then participate in other workshops.

AV: There are no limits to our ability ‘to learn if we learn not to put limits to our ability.

CD: I enjoy it when Peter guided me containing my anxiety because then I can immerse myself in the true sense of the shamanic path.

R.S.: I thank Peter and Rachel. The workshop was presented in a simple, effective and serene manner. I have lived it well, with intensity and love.

R.M.: I ‘loved it. Thank you for your presence.

AS: I always feel that re-taking the workshop is illuminating.Different groups create different energies and you are both able to conduct the group like an orchestra.

MLG: Let’s say i am happy with what I have learned and also the personal teachings I received.

MB: I want to share that the retrieval of the soul was an amazing experience ..

RZ: A beautiful workshop that enriches the knowledge acquired in other workshops. The magic of the journey and everything that happens is a great gift. Thank You. Namaste ‘

DM: In this course I felt more accurately the difference between the ego that separates us from who we really are.

CMG: Yes, I found what I was looking for. Make it last for more days!

LP: This was a personal experience deep and intense. I sincerely thank you.

F.G.: Lots, Lots of great teachings.

C.D.: Of course, very intense. Certain workshops are very serious: The union with my Allies was almost instantaneous and very easy !! …
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! Thank You.

AV: What seems at first a mountain can become a pebble, when we let go our feras. Thank you for showing us the way.

MP .: I especially liked explore other realms and understanding the fate of souls over their life on a particular day for me, my birthday. Thanks again for letting me, consciously, take the reins of my life, no fear, no doubt.

SM .: In addition to changing the assemblage point … this course was a shock ( a positive one !!!). Thank you very much !!!

MB .: Surprises, surprises, wonderful surprises !!! Thank you.

DB .: If you are not afraid taking this workshop, go ahead and do it; if you are afraid to do it, still go ahead and do it..

G.B .: Intense, essential. Changes completely you view of Death. Honestly words fail me.

SR .: After this workshop I feel like I “moved” to a new place, to a new me. Now I have to get to grips with this new person I am.

GS .: I experienced rebirth and a new life.

AB .: I loved it!

R.S .: This was the most beautiful workshop!

AV .: You think it is impossible to count the stars in the sky. It ‘s true if you’re just a man. But what a surprise when you discover that you can go beyond what the eyes can show you.

GD: There were many touching moments and also a great opportunity to understand who we really are.

GT: I finally focused on a fundamental point of my life.

VM: This workshop showed me again the intensity of shining colors that and the beauty of all life.

LP: Very satisfied and happy to be part of this beautiful circle.

IB: I loved this workshop. I received what I hoped, and much more.

SR: I am sure that I received a great healing that has come just at the right time.

M.B.: Very pleased and surprised.

L.M.: Deeply satisfied.The sense of’ being on this earth. The experience in front of the campfire under the moon, between ancient memories of the soul … One extreme moment, sacred, healing and fulfilling.

S.M.: Very satisfied. The experience outdoors, in nature ‘was beautiful.

C.G.: I just loved it. Thank you for the depth and the intensity of the experience.

ER: Thanks for putting me in front of myself, even if it’s pretty ugly.I know who I am now and what I must work on.

MR: Thanks for letting me participate.

GD: I experienced many touching moments but also a great opportunity to understand who I really am.

GT: I finally focused on a fundamental point of my life.

VM: This course showed me again the colors that shine all around us and the beauty of life.

LP: Very satisfied and happy to be part of this beautiful circle.

IB: TI loved this workshop. I received what I hoped, and much more.

SR: I am sure that he received a great healing that has come just at the right time.

M.B.: Very pleased and surprised.

L.M.: Deeply satisfied. It ‘was a meeting with the sense of’ being on earth. A ‘experience “inevitable”, in front of the campfire under the moon, between ancient memories of the soul … One moment extreme, sacred, healing and justice.

S.M.: Very satisfied. The experience outdoors, in nature ‘was beautiful.

C.G.: I just loved it. Thank you for the depth and the intensity of the experience.

GS: I am satisfied beyond expectations; a profound experience of personal transformation and healing.

DM: I did not think I would receive healing, I have sought the spirits of nature before and i have found them in this workshop., I did not know how to receive love and found that I was loved. I did not know how to untie the knots inside me but they were untied… Thanks Namaste ‘.

R. S.: There are so many things to say that it is impossible to express them all. I tell you from the heart “THANK YOU”! You were beautiful, perfect and loving at all times.

A. V.: It is said there is a time for everything in life. This was the time for courage, one in which I could not flee in the face of questions that life poses, one in which I stopped and listened to the answers even when I did not like them . I am grateful to have been, at this time, in this workshop.

M. P.: They have been busy days, where the mind has slowly given way to the heart and to another perception of emotions, in and around me. This allowed me to understand that it I received the greatest gift:I found myself, in every sense in which this word can be used. I thank that my curiosity that allowed me to knock softly on the door of this magnificent journey that has opened my world,one that I never would have been able to see.
Thanks also to humility and to beautiful souls of Peter and Rachel, with my whole heart.

<< Em> D. M.: Before attending this workshop I believed that humility was hard to find and,that once found, it was hard to hold; but now I know that is not so, that humility is in each of us and we can bring it to the light of day with the help of the compassionate spirits , that we have the choice of taking the path of humility and with all the compassion that we have in our heart to help the spirits help mankind. Now I know that the courage is not given to those who believe to be brave, but to those who are not afraid to show their vulnerable humanity.

A. B.: The questions,the unending questions, the doubts are part of our human nature,it is what sets us apart, but it’s also what makes us evolve, what makes us take steps toward new unexplored frontiers . On the way of the spirit, we are never alone, someone accompanies us, someone has constantly followed my little (or big?) Evolutionary steps; this someone or something acts with patience, with tenderness, and has been with me since I was a very young child. I tried to find out who he/she was many times. I explored many roads, I had doubts, I have had so many questions, I sought so many answers. Now this someone came to me. We met!

M. GC: You have been able to integrate your two different formations, your personal and professional experiences. This is an amazing life changing workshop. Heartfelt thanks to you Peter and Rachel and all the people in the group, one by one, thanks.

S. R.: I consider this one of the strongest experience of my life. For me it started a process. The course was planned in such a way that each of us has got to start their growth while respecting their needs coexisting in the group and making sure that everything would harmonize and orchestrate like a mosaic and / or a symphony. Namaste.

R. Z.: I am satisfied with the intensive course much more than I could hope for. Thank You.

G. S.: A great sense of gratitude and a deep spiritual connection with everything around me that I had never felt before. An empathy that made vibrate my soul together with other souls in an intimate and sublime singing. I met the other through their suffering, and that suffering has become my and made me forget my self inportance. I received a great lesson in humility and connection with the divine.

A. S.: It was a path that made me recognize, and accept,that I NEEDED TI be more true.
Thanks Peter, thanks Rachel for taking me along this path with loving availability and great competence.

L.P. : This workshop was designed with the heart. What was transmitted was uniquely perfect. You wove a beautiful story and an amazing dream.

GB: It’s difficult at this time to find the words to describe the magic and miracles of these 13 days, maybe because I have learned to quiet the mind. Long Last! I feel immensely grateful for this experience and I know that this is the right way, the safest and surprising way to keep alive and to have strong contact with all that is. Thank You! It was great to live these days with you, Peter and Rachel. Thanks and thanks again.

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